Challenge Course

Low Ropes


All elements focus on at least one

or more aspect of team building

while also being fun.


"Team work is important"

~Visually Impaired Camper

All elements bring an awareness to cause and effect in team situations and help the group recognize the effects of perceived risk.

"It benefited us on trusting each others teamwork"

              ~ Juvenile Arthritis Camper


Activities are Led by Certified Facilitators

All elements help in improving self-esteem and self confidence.

"I love the program.  You are all so nice

and each activity had an awesome

lesson to be learned"

                     ~Oakland University Student

All activities are challenging physically and/or mentally.

"We used a lot of encouragement and teamwork and we got to know each other"

                 ~Murphy LINKS Student

All group members are involved at each element.  If not physically on the element the participants are supporting their fellow group member with verbal encouragement and by spotting.

"If everyone helps out and uses teamwork we get more ability to do things"

                      ~St. Joseph Student



            * Wild Woozy

            * Prouttys Landing

            * Whale Watch

            * Cube

            * All Aboard

            * Island Crossing

            * Spaghetti Walk

            * Pulley Walk


* Tire Swing

* TP Shuffle

* Meuse

* Mohawk Walk

* Spider Web

* Tension Traverse

* Team Traverse

* Cargo Net

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